Monday, April 12, 2010

Nightfall League + Painting Commission

So I've been playing in the nightfall league at my LGS (Adventurer's Guild of Riverside, if you happen to be in the area). So far, I'm 3-2. I've played against Kaelyssa (eGaspy 50 pt loss), Harbinger (eGaspy 35 pt win), eDenny (Terminus 35 pt win), pHaley (eDenny 50 pt win), and pKaya (eDenny 35 pt loss). So far it's been a learning experience, and I think I'm towards the higher end of the players down here, which is cool. Not that I will never lose, but I'll be fighting for the win with any caster but eGaspy. Against a few people, I'll prolly have a tough time even with eGaspy, but that's cause elves are blatantly undercosted (not to deny the skill of those elf players out there, many of them are still very good). As of now, all these games are unreported, so I haven't made any difference yet on the global map, but oh well.

Also, it turns out that Brandon (the guy who I lost to with pKaya) used to play Cryx, but now plays Circle. As such, he has a Harrower that he doesn't want....which I don't have yet. He said he'd sell it to me, but after finding out that I painted all my own models, said that I could just have the Harrower if I painted Kromac (human & beast form) for him. Freaking sweet! I'll post pics tomorrow of the WIP. I primed them this morning before work, and I'm planning on laying down the base colors tonight. The goal is to match his color scheme, but he doesn't have a whole lot painted (just his Dragoon at this point, with some started on a feral warpwolf). The basic pattern is really just blue filigree with silver inside for the armor, with white skin on the beasts. Other then that, it's at my discretion for what looks good, so who knows where we'll end up.

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