Thursday, November 25, 2010

Speed-painted Forgeguard

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. So I just wanted to throw in a quick update of my Searforge painting that I've done recently. To start, here's the Driller that I finished shortly after Brun & Lug.

Also, in preparation for T-Town Throwdown that Micah is organizing in December, I'm planning on actually running Mercs over my Cryx. With that in mind, I wanted to try and get as close to fully painted as possible, at least for one of my lists. Thinking to myself, Forgeguard are mostly just armor, they don't have nearly as many fiddly bits as those highshields do, I can just speed paint my way through them... ha ha, jokes on me. Plenty of fiddly little pieces and more color than I initially intended. Anyways, here's the result of my "speed-painting"... aka ~10-12 hours I put into them in my halfday off on Wednesday.

and a close-up of 3 guys

And in case you noticed, the Leader doesn't have a backpack. Either a mispack or forgotten part in that Bartertown trade. Anyways, I'll get to it in my next bitz order.

The final showing of the day is a new picture of all my fully painted Searforge:

Soon enough I'll be breaking out my snow for all of these bases.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seamus and his Belles

I finally finished Jon's Resurrectionist crew! Wyrd models are a lot of fun to paint and a very refreshing break but it still took me forever to get them done. But here they are, de-nastified Sybelle included.

Friday, November 19, 2010

T-Town Throwdown

Good news some clerical oversight my Press Gang application has been accepted! I’m very excited and honored to be a part of this program and I’ve already received great advice and help in getting the community in my area up and running.

My biggest challenge is that my lgs is recently renovated to accommodate gaming space, their stock is basically just the essentials and not a lot of people know that they are there and that they carry Warmachine and Hordes. I know there are gamers in the area and every time I meet one they tell me that they have a couple friends who also play. I’ve been running demo nights every Wednesday for about a month and have been able to introduce a few people to the game and meet some people who already play.

Unfortunately a regular gaming crowd is still eluding me. Well what better way to draw gamers out of the woodwork than the promise of prizes and bloodshed? Which is why on December 11th I will be hosting my first tournament: T-Town Throwdown! Anyone in Southern California who can find Temecula on a map should try and come out and bring some friends.

The official announcement is as follows:

T-Town Throwdown

35 Point Steamroller 2011

Saturday, December 11th


Thou Shalt Game Entertainment
27314 Jefferson Ave #9
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 296-2266

Check In Time -12:00 (Noon)
Start Time -12:30

- $5 entry fee

- Players preregistering here will receive a ticket valid for one reroll which may be used
once at any point in the tournament.

- Players must submit up to two lists at check in. If submitting two lists each list must have a different Warcaster/Warlock

- Timed play: 10 minute turns (one 5 minute extention) and 80 minute rounds
(please bring a timer or cell phone with a timer function

As this is my first tournament I’ll be sure to document my triumphs and failures as I try to pull this thing off. And you lucky blog readers get a front row seat to the carnage!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Take a look at my quagmire...giggidy

So Micah and I played in the doubles tournament at Adventurer's Guild on Saturday. It was random teams, so we didn't get to play on the same team :( On the plus side, Micah and his teammate won, so at least one of us got some pride. I also learned a bit about running against eLylyth and Ravagores and or running the Coven. There are times when getting b2b for stealth is a worse option than just spreading the hell out (in general, against things with lots of boostable AOE's like against Durgen or Ravagore spam). Roh well. Mistakes on my part + a few amazing rolls for Jason and that basically ends our team's shot at the tourney. Regardless, I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more tournies going on.

At least I didn't leave empty handed though. The store owner gave 20% off all Warmahordes products to those of us in the tourney. So I decided that I should grab Wrongeye & Snapjaw before my wallet thought better of it. Being the crazy obsessed person that I am, I started assembling them on Sunday. Since they're so cool, I also decided that they needed better bases. Now that I'm almost out of green stuff, I've gotten something out of the bases that I'm happy with.

This first piece is my test base/40mm objective for Steamroller scenarios. I still need to finish the top of the tree to make it look like it was struck by lightning... not quite sure how I'm going to work that part out yet. The white "reeds" are toothbrush bristles, and everything else is GS. I'll be testing the water effects that I decide to use on this base before I throw them into my bases for Wrongeye & Snapjaw.

So here's my WIP of Snapjaw (aka CrocDooooooor!!!)

And here is my WIP of his master, Wrongeye. Oh how you have got to love the Voodoo gators. (can anybody tell what faction I'd pick up of Hordes if I had the money right now?)

I'm actually very happy with these bases, and especially with just how cool Wrongeye's bottle looks with very little effort. Lots of work left to do, but not a bad start or one day.

C&C and other ideas welcome.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Stryker update + Malifaux

So I have pretty much finished Stryker from the Cygnar battlebox. He needs some detail work on the metals/goggles and cleanup in a few places I noticed from the pictures, but he's basically done. I really like how the color scheme has worked out (aside from the ghastly face I've painted, but whatever).

I'm not sure how I'll be going about the color scheme on the jacks, but I've laid down some good basecoats on them, so we'll see what I like from them. Maybe I'll post some pics for a bit of a vote. The Ironclad currently has some blue armor plates and some of the off-white armor plates, but the Lancer just has the offwhite. I'm still undecided so far, but we'll see if it changes as I go along (progress being slowed by my desire to get my Searforge painted).

Last weekend, Micah and I also got in a game of Malifaux, my Seamus box vs. his Lady J box. It was a lot of fun, getting a better idea on how the game works, as well as all the rules and special abilities that my crew has. I was reminded yet again why I love the undead factions as I found I could resurrect my Belles or create them after killing off enemy models. Sadly, I didn't get to do either due to Lady J, but whatever. So here's a pic of the battlefield towards the beginning.

This is a pic of Bete Noir owning up on Micah's gunslinging peeps. Twas fun.

You may notice the lack of a picture where Lady J takes all the hits from Seamus, Sybelle, and a Belle before opening a new hole in Seamus' face... I swear, the camera just wouldn't take a good pic, I promise.

Friday, November 5, 2010

You're as cooooold as ice!

So I've recently come into another batch of Searforge models, and as such, rekindled my urge to paint/play them. First up, here's Brun Crugback and his bear Lug. I'm not entirely happy with Lug's fur, but I did him before Brun (who's polar bear skin I'm much happier with). Thoughts?

Next up, a Ghordson Basher and Driller. If I can ever get interested in painting units, I'll get the Highshields + UA and Forgeguard done too. I'm planning on holding off the rest of the snow until I have a large amount of models done (aka after I paint all my infantry).

On another note, I assembled/primed Phil's Deathjack for him, since he's too lazy to do it himself :p On the plus side, I magnetized the arms for transport/getting the fatass into b2b. Notice the 2 different arm poses.