Friday, November 5, 2010

You're as cooooold as ice!

So I've recently come into another batch of Searforge models, and as such, rekindled my urge to paint/play them. First up, here's Brun Crugback and his bear Lug. I'm not entirely happy with Lug's fur, but I did him before Brun (who's polar bear skin I'm much happier with). Thoughts?

Next up, a Ghordson Basher and Driller. If I can ever get interested in painting units, I'll get the Highshields + UA and Forgeguard done too. I'm planning on holding off the rest of the snow until I have a large amount of models done (aka after I paint all my infantry).

On another note, I assembled/primed Phil's Deathjack for him, since he's too lazy to do it himself :p On the plus side, I magnetized the arms for transport/getting the fatass into b2b. Notice the 2 different arm poses.

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