Monday, November 15, 2010

Take a look at my quagmire...giggidy

So Micah and I played in the doubles tournament at Adventurer's Guild on Saturday. It was random teams, so we didn't get to play on the same team :( On the plus side, Micah and his teammate won, so at least one of us got some pride. I also learned a bit about running against eLylyth and Ravagores and or running the Coven. There are times when getting b2b for stealth is a worse option than just spreading the hell out (in general, against things with lots of boostable AOE's like against Durgen or Ravagore spam). Roh well. Mistakes on my part + a few amazing rolls for Jason and that basically ends our team's shot at the tourney. Regardless, I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to more tournies going on.

At least I didn't leave empty handed though. The store owner gave 20% off all Warmahordes products to those of us in the tourney. So I decided that I should grab Wrongeye & Snapjaw before my wallet thought better of it. Being the crazy obsessed person that I am, I started assembling them on Sunday. Since they're so cool, I also decided that they needed better bases. Now that I'm almost out of green stuff, I've gotten something out of the bases that I'm happy with.

This first piece is my test base/40mm objective for Steamroller scenarios. I still need to finish the top of the tree to make it look like it was struck by lightning... not quite sure how I'm going to work that part out yet. The white "reeds" are toothbrush bristles, and everything else is GS. I'll be testing the water effects that I decide to use on this base before I throw them into my bases for Wrongeye & Snapjaw.

So here's my WIP of Snapjaw (aka CrocDooooooor!!!)

And here is my WIP of his master, Wrongeye. Oh how you have got to love the Voodoo gators. (can anybody tell what faction I'd pick up of Hordes if I had the money right now?)

I'm actually very happy with these bases, and especially with just how cool Wrongeye's bottle looks with very little effort. Lots of work left to do, but not a bad start or one day.

C&C and other ideas welcome.

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