Friday, November 12, 2010

Stryker update + Malifaux

So I have pretty much finished Stryker from the Cygnar battlebox. He needs some detail work on the metals/goggles and cleanup in a few places I noticed from the pictures, but he's basically done. I really like how the color scheme has worked out (aside from the ghastly face I've painted, but whatever).

I'm not sure how I'll be going about the color scheme on the jacks, but I've laid down some good basecoats on them, so we'll see what I like from them. Maybe I'll post some pics for a bit of a vote. The Ironclad currently has some blue armor plates and some of the off-white armor plates, but the Lancer just has the offwhite. I'm still undecided so far, but we'll see if it changes as I go along (progress being slowed by my desire to get my Searforge painted).

Last weekend, Micah and I also got in a game of Malifaux, my Seamus box vs. his Lady J box. It was a lot of fun, getting a better idea on how the game works, as well as all the rules and special abilities that my crew has. I was reminded yet again why I love the undead factions as I found I could resurrect my Belles or create them after killing off enemy models. Sadly, I didn't get to do either due to Lady J, but whatever. So here's a pic of the battlefield towards the beginning.

This is a pic of Bete Noir owning up on Micah's gunslinging peeps. Twas fun.

You may notice the lack of a picture where Lady J takes all the hits from Seamus, Sybelle, and a Belle before opening a new hole in Seamus' face... I swear, the camera just wouldn't take a good pic, I promise.

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