Thursday, November 25, 2010

Speed-painted Forgeguard

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. So I just wanted to throw in a quick update of my Searforge painting that I've done recently. To start, here's the Driller that I finished shortly after Brun & Lug.

Also, in preparation for T-Town Throwdown that Micah is organizing in December, I'm planning on actually running Mercs over my Cryx. With that in mind, I wanted to try and get as close to fully painted as possible, at least for one of my lists. Thinking to myself, Forgeguard are mostly just armor, they don't have nearly as many fiddly bits as those highshields do, I can just speed paint my way through them... ha ha, jokes on me. Plenty of fiddly little pieces and more color than I initially intended. Anyways, here's the result of my "speed-painting"... aka ~10-12 hours I put into them in my halfday off on Wednesday.

and a close-up of 3 guys

And in case you noticed, the Leader doesn't have a backpack. Either a mispack or forgotten part in that Bartertown trade. Anyways, I'll get to it in my next bitz order.

The final showing of the day is a new picture of all my fully painted Searforge:

Soon enough I'll be breaking out my snow for all of these bases.

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