Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Actually painted McThralls

Since I've actually been playing Cryx and loving Gaspy3, I decided it was high time to paint up the last unpainted McThralls that I have.  That means my 4th Brute Thrall and the last 11 regular McThralls.  I initially primed these guys when I got them in the same Army Painter Necrotic Flesh, planning to dip them the same as I did the initial group.  I know I'm no extraordinary painter, but I feel like I've come a long way since I dipped my initial 20+ McThralls.  So I decided to try and give these guys a much better paintjob.  This will also help me differentiate between my 2 units in my Gaspy3 tier list, which you can read about here in my Merc Battle reports thread on Focus and Fury.

Anyways, here's the Brute Thrall that I initially tested my scheme with.

I'm doing a lot of the ribbed tubing as green and some purple armor plates, mimicking the new Cryx scheme found on my Wraith Engine.  The flesh was a new recipe I had, which started with a purple flesh tone acheived with a Citadel Leviathan Purple wash on top of the primer, followed by thin layers of Citadels's Rotting Flesh with stronger highlights as Rotting Flesh + Skull White.

As an example of what it looks like for the flesh, here's a McThrall after washing


and an obviously different one after highlighting.

Overall, I'm very happy with how this undead flesh is turning out.  I really feel like it's a better undead fleshtone than my dipped McThralls have (shown below).

So just a quick painting update, be sure to check out the focus and fury thread for my battle reports with Gaspy3.  If people want me to start posting them here, just let me know and I'll copy/paste them over.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wraith Engine almost finished!

So after a few more nights of work, I'm almost finished with the Wraith Engine.  Just a little cleanup on some of the colors, and adding the green glow into a few more vents.


Aside from the red, I'm really happy with how the colors have turned.  The zenithal priming technique helps out a bit as well.  Anyways, I should hopefully be sealing this thing up in the morning so that it's good to go for another game on Friday night where it will be proxying for a Kraken yet again.  Speaking of which, the Kraken + Gaspy3 has really been quite fun in the two games I've played them in so far.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting Update

I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like recently, but I've still gotten in some games with Damiano + Pirates, which has been fun, as well as Bart + Galleon.  Basically, Galleon is a monster.  Anyways, this is just a quick painting update before I get back into doing work today.

First is a merc painting update.  Here are some of the farthest along models in my Trencher Commandos group, who I'm very happy with.  I think they'[re turning into my best painted unit, along with my Boomhowler & Company.


Next up is a quick Cryx model.  I loaned Jason a fair amount of my Cryx a while back in return for borrowing his Cygnar models before I decided that I wanted to own the Bad Seeds tier.  I just got some of those back, and played a game of proxies of Gaspy3 + Kraken, where my lovely Wraith Engine played the Kraken.  So it's been such a long time, I figured I should drop some paint onto this bad boy.  Plus I'm testing out a new paint scheme, because there's nothing like having a new paint scheme after you're mostly painted with an army :p  Anyways, still a work in progress, but I'm liking how it's looking.

So for the commandos, I'm really happy with how the leather and skin tones are working out, and I'm trying to punch up all my highlights in general since my models often look so dark.  Hopefully that pans out.  With the Wraith Engine, I think it'll be a nice change-up from my normal Cryx just because of all the colors on it: purple armor plating, red cloth, green goo everywhere, and then the metals.  Hopefully I can finish it up soon and plop it back onto the table with my pGaspy list.