Friday, November 19, 2010

T-Town Throwdown

Good news some clerical oversight my Press Gang application has been accepted! I’m very excited and honored to be a part of this program and I’ve already received great advice and help in getting the community in my area up and running.

My biggest challenge is that my lgs is recently renovated to accommodate gaming space, their stock is basically just the essentials and not a lot of people know that they are there and that they carry Warmachine and Hordes. I know there are gamers in the area and every time I meet one they tell me that they have a couple friends who also play. I’ve been running demo nights every Wednesday for about a month and have been able to introduce a few people to the game and meet some people who already play.

Unfortunately a regular gaming crowd is still eluding me. Well what better way to draw gamers out of the woodwork than the promise of prizes and bloodshed? Which is why on December 11th I will be hosting my first tournament: T-Town Throwdown! Anyone in Southern California who can find Temecula on a map should try and come out and bring some friends.

The official announcement is as follows:

T-Town Throwdown

35 Point Steamroller 2011

Saturday, December 11th


Thou Shalt Game Entertainment
27314 Jefferson Ave #9
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 296-2266

Check In Time -12:00 (Noon)
Start Time -12:30

- $5 entry fee

- Players preregistering here will receive a ticket valid for one reroll which may be used
once at any point in the tournament.

- Players must submit up to two lists at check in. If submitting two lists each list must have a different Warcaster/Warlock

- Timed play: 10 minute turns (one 5 minute extention) and 80 minute rounds
(please bring a timer or cell phone with a timer function

As this is my first tournament I’ll be sure to document my triumphs and failures as I try to pull this thing off. And you lucky blog readers get a front row seat to the carnage!


  1. Grats mate :)

    let us know how it all pans out

  2. w00t! Hopefully I can play the Mercs too. I picked up Ashlynn from David yesterday, I'll grab the Mule and Gun Mages from him next week if he doesn't want to play in the tourney (although he was considering it.