Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kromac Painting Update

So I primed Kromac before I left for work yesterday, and started my work on my first commission last night. I've never done white skin that I liked before, but I haven't tried it in quite some time. I was only given a little direction, but I had an idea about where I wanted to go with this.

Instructions to match his current theme:
armor should have a silver inlay with blue filigree
beast skin should be white
basing should be snowy

My thoughts on the progression:
1) lots of bleached bone w/gryphonne sepia washes for all of the skulls and bone parts.
2) The "crown" should be brighter and go well with the brown/red of the hair. Probably brazen brass.
3) The cloth: there is already going to be lots of brown with all of the leather and hair and stuff, so some other color is necessary. Possibly a dark blue to tie in with the armor, but I'm going to start with a green.

Other than that, I'm just seeing how it's going to come out. I think I may repaint all the cloth since the green is very bright. Anyways, here's what I've gotten done on the 2 models.

Beast form skin + hair + base colors on the cloth
Human form basecoat skin + hair + base colors on cloth.

So far, I'm happiest with the skin and hair on the beast form. I'm actually surprised how well the white skin is turning out.

Anyways, comments, criticism, and suggestions are always appreciated.

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