Friday, April 23, 2010

Menoth come here quick, and bring that Licking Stick

Well the Avatar's new sword is about 90% done. I sculpted the other side, and then resculpted the original side to even out the width and allow for deeper carvings. I think it's looking pretty good. I still need to sand it down a bit and work on the join from the sculpted part to the original model.

Here's a closeup of the sword

And a reference model for scale. Yeah...I'd say that counts as reach.

I have also been working on sculpting a new head. I pretty much stole this idea directly from youngwolf7, but it's the bottom half of a repenter's head flipped upside down and a new face grate sculpted on.

And most importantly. The inspiration for today's title, I'm sensing a pattern here...

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