Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Commission Finished

So I've finally finished my first painting commission ever. I don't think it's quite my best work ever, but there are sooo many fiddly parts. At least I feel like I'm getting better in general. Anyways, wihtout further ado, here are the pics of what I've done so far.

So I'll be giving this to Brandon (the guy at my LGS) this Tuesday. Hopefully that means that I'll be getting a Harrower from him on Tuesday too. In a related note (to getting new models), I got a trade on Bartertown for a bunch of my Legion stuff. I still have about 45 points of Legion I think, but I'm getting 50 points of Searforge. It should be a nice basis to have two warmachine armies. Also in the train of thought about new models, Micah just traded some stuff for a Malifaux box... meaning, I should be buying my Seamus box relatively soon. So much to buy and so little money for it all. Ah the life of the addicted gamer.

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