Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeling a little bloated?

So in addition to finishing up my Bloat Thrall last night, I also got some work done on my McThrall attachments. My 2nd Necrosurgeon unit is done, so that leaves me with the four brute thralls. But before we get too far off my train of thought, here's the finished Bloat Thrall.





Alright, so back to my tangent. I got my 2nd Necrosurgeon unit done, but no pics since they came out really crappy this morning. I'll take more later. So back to my tally, that leaves me with 12 models left. Hopefully I'll only have 8 Cryx models left to paint by the end of the weekend.

While I don't have pics of the Necrosurgeon, I do have pics of my first joke model. I'm going to need to go back and redo some of the GS work (i.e. the shoes) because I got distracted while I was setting stuff up. I threw some paint on them to see if they would pass inspection...but they look like crap, so Imma redo it. Anyways, here's my Brute Thrall WIP. They should all be done fairly soon.

Brute Thrall WIP: Soon to be Ronald McDonald & the McThralls!!!

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