Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moar painting!

So I'm attempting to finish painting every single last Cryx model that I have before I move on to painting anything else or buying new models (unless they're more Cryx models ;) ). As of right now, I have 17 models left unpainted, with some others needing finishing touches.
The Breakdown:

Witch Coven (4)
Morty + Deryliss (2)
Brute Thralls (4)
Necrosurgeon UA (4)
Bloat Thrall (1)
Bane Thrall UA (2)

I also have several models that will be falling into my hands very soon (a Harrower from that painting commission, as well as a full unit of Blackbane's raiders comign with Venethrax and my Cryx book sometime in May). Hopefully I can finish painting everything I have now before my next batch of models comes in so that I can be fully painted for the next league.

Anyways, in my ongoing effort to finish painting my Cryx, I started painting my Bloat Thrall last night.

So what I'm happy with so far.
1) I love the dull look that Devlan Mud gives to my metallics. Very fitting for old & reused parts.
2) The skin really seems to be coming together right now. The purple bruising looks quite gross and elicited an "ewwwwww" from my girlfriend.
3) The guitar string piece gives a nice broken look to the missing portion of the leg.

We'll see if I can stay happy with the model as it progresses. Hopefully I can finish the Bloaty this week and move on to finishing my McThrall attachments by the end of next week as well.

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