Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I've managed to pin on Terminus' wings last night, as well as getting some gesso primer on him. I tattered up the wings before I pinned them on, but I forgot to smooth some of the back edges out, so I will need to work on that a bit more. Here's a view of the slightly more tattered wings.

The more I work on this model, the more that I like how it's coming out. I really don't care for the model as it comes straight out of the box, but with a little extra work, he comes out looking pretty good.

I found that I'm going to have to cut the arm in the middle of the sleeve to rotate the bend of the elbow. My repositioning of the wings left them blocking the shoulder pad for the sword arm. Hopefully it won't take too much GS to make it look seamless. Regardless, the arms are going on after I paint the rest of the body. My next post will be after he's got some paint on him.

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