Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interesting News

Some new league info from PrivateerPress. Notice found here:

So basically, the "Focused Fields of War" idea sounds pretty freaking cool. Combine that with the fact that Micah (JollyAngus) has brought up the idea of going to KingdomCON in April... well, it would be good practice. I'd love to play in a tournament and see how well I can do. To do that, I would definitely need to practice. Mostly so that I can get an understanding of what the other factions that I don't face can do (ie Retribution, Khador, Circle, Skorne & Mercs/Minions).

I'm going to have to stop by my LGS (Adventurer's Guild of Riverside) to see how the league will play out timewise. It's from April 5th to April 25th, but the problem is that I have grad school, trips to SF to visit my girlfriend, & church stuff. Maybe I can squeeze in games 2-3 nights a week. Anyways, I'm gonna start researching the possibilities of playing in a league, as well as playing at KingdomCON.

P.S. Expect to see more Terminus WIP and finished Gerlak + Bloodgorgers soon.

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