Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Alright, so before I found an AMAZING bartertown lot, I was 5 models without semi-finished paint (aka basecoat + 1 highlight). Before I got his lot, I had the Reaper (who is close, but not quite "fully painted" and the Coven [4 models that are primed and they have been for a year). I just finished my Nightmare model recently. Come to think of it, I should post pics of my painted/varnished Seether + Nightmare + Deathjack...aka my most used jacks atm besides my arc nodes...notably my Defiler and Nightwretches.

Regardless, my list of unpainted models is now the following;
Witch Coven of Garlghast (4 models - 3 witches + egregore)
Mortenebra +Derilyss
8 Bane Thralls
5 Soulhunters
6 Bloodgorgers + Gerlak
Bloat Thrall

My main focus right now is the Bloodgorgers + Gerlak, with a side focus of Terminus. As you may have already seen, I've done some sculpting for Terminus already. I'll hopefully finish the Bloodgorgers + Gerlak by Sunday night. Terminus will definitely take some more time, but I'm excited to be able to field him. I'll probably try and get my conversion and priming done by the end of next week so that I can field him against Micah and David.

After the gorgers, Gerlak, & Terminus, I plan on getting my Soulhunters ready for the table in preparation for 1) the Adventurer's Guild of Riverside League starting in April, as well as KingdomCon in April. After thinking about what I have available, I think my strongest available options for KingdomCon are the following:
1) eGaspy - while he will be tough to fit into 7 minute turns, with practice, I think it's a viable option to either win by Scenario or Caster Kill. Although Caster Kill is well and good, I think that I need to start paying attention to Scenario (sidenote: there are two battle reports that I have pictures for that I should probably post before I forget what happened in the game.)
2) eDenny for Scenario - will include the Nightmare, Warwitch Siren, plus other stealth/incorporeal units like Bane Thralls, Wraiths (Pistol/Machine), and the Combine.
3) Terminus list - I have lots of good infantry for him (aka 20+ McThralls, 10 Bile Thralls, Soulhunters, Bane Knights, Bane Thralls & Bloodgorgers). He is very strong vs. range heavy lists. Although I haven't played with him yet, his strength vs. rnged will presumably make it in as a second list to combat the gunline/range heavy capabilities of Cygnar and Retribroken.
4) pGoreshade list mentioned previously - this has possibilities, especially if I'm trying to pare it down to the 25 points "Mangled Metal + 1 Solo" option for KingdomCon has great possibilites. His feat gives undeniable possibilities with the addition of infantry where the enemy will have none, as well as the possible positioning of soulgate.

Those are all my options for now. I'll relate to everybody my thoughts based on actual gameplay experience relatively soon. In the meantime, enjoy the ridiculous amount of painting/modeling that I will be attempting this weekend. My conference for Chemistry in SF this March may slow down my modeling progress, but advancement is always good, right?

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed my late night ramblings...
Jon (Jonconcarne/IronTwitch/whatever offensive nickname you currently feel like applying)

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