Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm not dead yet... will be soon.

Quick, name the movie that the horribly butchered quote comes from :p. Anyways, I know it's been a while since I've posted to the blog, but I'm actually not dead yet. Well, no more dead than the average Cryxian thrall.

So like Micah, I also went to SoCal Smackdown a few weeks and had a great time. I finished my first day of the 50 pt tournament at 3-0 (mostly due to some luck helping me cover some very stupid mistakes like forgetting to pop Terminus' feat before popping biles over a full unit of IFP). The next day I ended up losing twice, partially bad dice rolls and just little things that I could have done differently, and the last game due to how ridiculously awesome eMadrak is. Overall, it was good times getting to hang out with everybody, talking strategies with Doug and how ridiculous and cool (but probably OP) that the new Trollblood stuff is with Blake. I really enjoyed seeing people that I met at KingdomCon next year, and look forward to seeing all of you again.

I've also been getting a lot more consistent gaming done at Adventurer's Guild. It started off with Phil, a fellow Cryx/Merc player, but now he's been bringing in his buddies. His Cygnar playing friend, Eric, and I have been developing quite the rivalry, which I like because now I can get more familiar with Cygnar in larger games. So far Eric is up 2-1, but I'd say it's more like 1-1 since the first match was a mediocre Venethrax list that I made for playing against Phil, but Eric had a good eCaine army :p. Anyways, it's been nice to be able to get in a solid game every week again. We've been playing mostly 35, but I think this next Tuesday we'll be moving up to 50 pts, which suits me just fine. He'll be bringing out eHaley for the 2nd time while I will either play eDenny for the 2nd time or bust out eGaspy. Right now I'm leaning towards eGaspy since I recently fixed his arms and such.

On the modeling front, I made a parts order a while back (i.e.when GenCon was going on) in order to order parts to finish my 1 Bane Knight who was missing a head, make Malice and fix my second hand eGaspy's broken arm. I've since finished my plastic multi-kit (well, mostly... the arms for the slayer and corruptor, as well as all the heads need to be painted), started brass-rodding and repainting my Bane Knights, painting eGoreshade and painting eGaspy. I haven't had the focus to just sit down and get one thing done, hence why I've got so many projects in partial completion. Anyways, I know you all want to see some pics of all this, so without further ado.

2 test Bane Knight models: I'm not terribly happy with the bone on either of them, and I think that all the silver metals still need to be brought down in brightness. I primed these guys with gray (best primer I've used, Rustoleum Painter's Touch 2x coverage primer, $3.44 at Home Depot) and then hit them with my silver spray paint in order to lessen the amount of freaking metals to paint. Brass/Bronze metals are just done by hitting them with GW Brown Ink, but you can't see too much of that in this pic. As for the robes, well I just didn't feel like doing red, and I think the blue robes that I did on Venethrax were pretty good. Hence my deciding that I don't need a coherent army scheme.

eGoreshade is a secondhand model that I got from Bartertown when I got a full unit of Revenant Crew. I'm like how he is turning out so far, but it's just been slow progress. On the other hand, I'm loving how the red portion of his robe looks, and I'm quite happy with how my painting feels like it's improving in general.

eGaspy, aka my main man: I haven't actually played a game with him in quite some time... before the stupid errata to take away my favorite use of Soulhunters. Oh well, it's not like it really hurts his chances at killing most casters/locks. I finished the conversion aspect of this project right before SoCal Smackdown, but I haven't slapped any paint on him yet. I wanted the base to look more like he was walking down the steps from the Orgoth temple or something, but I don't think it's working too well. Crappy base aside, I should be putting a better paint job on him than I did the first time, so no complaints there. I doubt I'll have both him and the Bane Knights finished by next Tuesday for the showdown since I'm going to be with my gf in San Francisco this weekend, but I don't think he'll mind too much.

Knowing what Eric's 50 pt eHaley list looks like helps a lot, and that's what has me leaning towards eGaspy instead of eDenny. My eDenny list can own at scenario (which we probably won't be playing) and assassination, but the assassination is highly dependent on the Nightmare or having either my Satyxis or Bane Knights left intact. Since eHaley's feat can be so devastating, So I think I'm going to use eGaspy, but I'll leave talk about that until Tuesday.

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