Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Shy of a Unit of Iron Fang Pikemen

I finished painting 5 Iron Fang Pikemen this weekend. Why 5 and not 6 you axe? Well due to a mispack I only had 5 shields and am still waiting for the 6th. I was painting up all 6 anyway but as luck would have it I dropped the one shieldless pikeman while I was painting him and his arm fell off. So I said screw it and painted up the rest of the unit while the glue dried on the one shieldless and armless pikeman. I predict that he will be cursed and get hit by every stray deviation and killed by every choir boy needing to roll double sixes to hit and kill. Suggestions of clever names for this unlucky chap are welcome and encouraged. So without further ado, my min(-1) unit of IFP.

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