Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Minor Protectorate Conversions

Here are a couple minor conversions I did for some PoM models. First we have the KE and KEE Seneschals. I like the idea of the banners but they were too long and unwieldy for play and without the banners the models look too plain. Luckily Jon gave me the idea to just shorten the banners. Once the milliput dries I will sand it smooth, but here's what it looks like for now.

Next is a reclaimer. I got this guy in a big trade and the guy didn't have the right hand with him. He had it lying around somewhere and said that he'd try and get it to me if he ever found it. Rather than wait around I chopped off a extra Daughter's hand that I had lying around, added a crow from the Wracks and voila! Suitably themed for a morbid soul collecting chap like this here Reclaimer.

1 comment:

  1. I might have to steal the crow idea - that fits so perfectly with the reclaimer.