Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wolves Everywhere!

Yup more Circle updates. I finished painting my Feral Warpwolf so only 1 more wolf to go. I'm not 100% satisfied with him but as I'm itching to move on to other projects it'll have to do.

I also assembled and reposed my Stalker. He's getting primed tonight and hopefully I'll be able to work on him a bit. I was planning on doing some extensive sculpting on this guy because I don't like the stock pose a whole lot. Then I saw the model in person and decided it was actually pretty good and would take a lot of work to repose. Instead I just tweaked him a little. I was going for a pose where he's sort of wading through enemies getting ready to swipe.

And here's pKaya again. I know I posted her already but I wanted a better picture.

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