Friday, October 29, 2010

An Ogrun, a bear, a dwarf and a Satyxis walk into a bar...

Not really, but I did get all my Searforge stuff in at AGR. Work is also continuing apace on the Deathjack for Phil, but no photos quite yet. Everything is on and pinned except for the fists of spiky doom. Anyways, on to the pictures.

First up is my blighted warmonger to Ogrun Bokur conversion. All I really did was sculpt some armor, switch his weapon hands, and add a shield (Troll Bouncer shield). I keep telling myself that I'm going to run him with Cryx, but never do. He'll make a nice addition to my Searforge though.

How bout that Great Rack? Well, here's Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast in all her primed glory. I bought some vallejo water effects that I'll use once she's painted in order to add waves around her epic base. Should be fun.

Next up is my first minion models.... Brun & Lug. Standard stuff. I've got some good rocks on their bases, and I'll be adding snow once they're all painted.

Finally, the model that got me into Searforge in the first place. The Basher!!! Seriously though. Freaking amazing. I went for a running pose, and it kinda looks like he's mid-stride. He doesn't look like he's barreling down the causeway though, which makes me a little sad. Oh well. This guy is pinned pretty damn well, so I won't need to worry about him falling apart at least.

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