Sunday, October 10, 2010

eGoreshade + Blackbane's

My schedule for today emptied itself, so I filled it up with painting. Not that I actually did that much today, but I'll pretend. Anyways, Micah and I got 2 35 pt games in yesterday, and I ran my Blackbane's in one of them. They were mostly done, but bases needed work among a few models that missed the painting queue for the metals. So here's my mostly done Blackbane's.

The most important thing that I learned from painting this unit is that I hate painting over white primer, especially units. I've painted some Legion beasts over white primer and it didn't bother me too much, but I think I'm going to go to a great for the rest of them.

Moving on, I also got eGoreshade to an acceptable level to hit the table as well. There are details that I'd like to go back and pick out, but I got all the large swatches done, and a majority of the details.

So with eGoreshade (aka Goreshade the Cursed), I managed to fix the fleshtones from my last attempt. I'm actually quite happy with how his face turned out, but the severed Precursor Knight heads are a whole other story (i.e. I'm not happy with them, but I really don't want to go over them again right now). I think I'm progressing as a painter due to the quality of robes that I have been able to do recently, in addition to my newly attempted front arc markings. My first attempt was on Darragh's mounted form, and I still think it's the best of all the others that I tried today. Practice makes perfect though. I'm planning on just marking the bases with lines whenever a model is fully painted, until I have the time to go back and do the fade.

C&C is always appreciated.

Micah or I should also be posting a battle report of our 2 recent games sometime this week too. (I'm saying this in order to motivate myself to actually write it up :p).

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