Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Distracted? Me? Naaaaaaw

I'm still just focusing on painting up my Cygnar battlebox and all my Searforge, right? Well, kinda, just not right now :p So I found a full unit of bloodgorgers, all 10 of them, for 60 bucks, including shipping, on bartertown. How could I resist that?...so I didn't. While they weren't really adequately protected in the shipping (thrown in a ziplock bag inside a paper postal bag), they're beefy guys and held their own, just not together. So I got them all glued back together and based, although I need to make a second sweep for mold lines before I prime them.
(6 0f 10 new Bloodgorgers)

I also did a bit of painting on a test model for my Satyxis. I figure with how much I've been playing them, it would only be right to throw the paint onto them. It's really only base colors for stuff right now, and I'm missing a lot of them, but I think I'm on to a nice color scheme for them though.

Lastly, Phil, a fellow Cryx player from AGR, has asked me to put together his Deathjack. I kinda feel like I owe him for him starting to bring all his buddies down to AGR which has let me get a lot of games in, plus he's a nice guy, so I figure this one's free. With that in mind, I decided to magnetize the arms as several people have been talking about in the Cryx Forums. So here's the start of my work there. The white filler there is Fimo, a sculpting clay that I got at Michael's a long time ago. Here's for hoping that it works out

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