Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beastie Boy

I just finished Kromac's beast form which means I'm all painted up and ready to go for November's tournament. While I still like the human form sculpt better the beast form was actually much easier as everything didn't seem so smooshed together.

I also painted some totem pole shifting stones for a laugh.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Warpwolf Stalker

I finished my Stalker so now I have the trinity of wolves fully painted. Exciting stuff! Sorry if the picture is a little dark, he kept warping prowl right before the camera went off.

An Ogrun, a bear, a dwarf and a Satyxis walk into a bar...

Not really, but I did get all my Searforge stuff in at AGR. Work is also continuing apace on the Deathjack for Phil, but no photos quite yet. Everything is on and pinned except for the fists of spiky doom. Anyways, on to the pictures.

First up is my blighted warmonger to Ogrun Bokur conversion. All I really did was sculpt some armor, switch his weapon hands, and add a shield (Troll Bouncer shield). I keep telling myself that I'm going to run him with Cryx, but never do. He'll make a nice addition to my Searforge though.

How bout that Great Rack? Well, here's Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast in all her primed glory. I bought some vallejo water effects that I'll use once she's painted in order to add waves around her epic base. Should be fun.

Next up is my first minion models.... Brun & Lug. Standard stuff. I've got some good rocks on their bases, and I'll be adding snow once they're all painted.

Finally, the model that got me into Searforge in the first place. The Basher!!! Seriously though. Freaking amazing. I went for a running pose, and it kinda looks like he's mid-stride. He doesn't look like he's barreling down the causeway though, which makes me a little sad. Oh well. This guy is pinned pretty damn well, so I won't need to worry about him falling apart at least.

C&C always welcome

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wolves Everywhere!

Yup more Circle updates. I finished painting my Feral Warpwolf so only 1 more wolf to go. I'm not 100% satisfied with him but as I'm itching to move on to other projects it'll have to do.

I also assembled and reposed my Stalker. He's getting primed tonight and hopefully I'll be able to work on him a bit. I was planning on doing some extensive sculpting on this guy because I don't like the stock pose a whole lot. Then I saw the model in person and decided it was actually pretty good and would take a lot of work to repose. Instead I just tweaked him a little. I was going for a pose where he's sort of wading through enemies getting ready to swipe.

And here's pKaya again. I know I posted her already but I wanted a better picture.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Druid Wilder

I painted up this Druid Wilder tonight and it was a really enjoyable experience. The model is fantastic, very easy to paint and characterful. She is part of a 25 point Kromac list I'm trying to get fully painted by November 16th for a team tournament Jon and I will be playing in. Only a Stalker and Beast Form Kromac to go!

Distracted? Me? Naaaaaaw

I'm still just focusing on painting up my Cygnar battlebox and all my Searforge, right? Well, kinda, just not right now :p So I found a full unit of bloodgorgers, all 10 of them, for 60 bucks, including shipping, on bartertown. How could I resist that? I didn't. While they weren't really adequately protected in the shipping (thrown in a ziplock bag inside a paper postal bag), they're beefy guys and held their own, just not together. So I got them all glued back together and based, although I need to make a second sweep for mold lines before I prime them.
(6 0f 10 new Bloodgorgers)

I also did a bit of painting on a test model for my Satyxis. I figure with how much I've been playing them, it would only be right to throw the paint onto them. It's really only base colors for stuff right now, and I'm missing a lot of them, but I think I'm on to a nice color scheme for them though.

Lastly, Phil, a fellow Cryx player from AGR, has asked me to put together his Deathjack. I kinda feel like I owe him for him starting to bring all his buddies down to AGR which has let me get a lot of games in, plus he's a nice guy, so I figure this one's free. With that in mind, I decided to magnetize the arms as several people have been talking about in the Cryx Forums. So here's the start of my work there. The white filler there is Fimo, a sculpting clay that I got at Michael's a long time ago. Here's for hoping that it works out

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playground sand?

Seriously. That ish makes great basing material and it's dirt cheap. Better you spend the 6 bucks at Home Depot than go steal it from a playground. No need to get arrested cause you're hanging around a kids' playground without a kid :p

So the pic above is an example of what my basing scheme will be for my small Cygnar force (although I reserve the right expand it in the future), in addition to showing the start of my work on Stryker. I'm really like the tan color for his cloak/robe thingy. Anyways, even though my 2 little tubs of GW basing material have lasted me for 4 years, I'm never buying them again. One last thing, if you're trying to do cobblestone or any kind of brickwork with GS, let it sit for at least 10 minutes before you start sculpting in it. My impatience always wins out, and now I have to go back and redo the GS on the medium base there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fur Pile

I know I've put this model up here before but I reworked the fur on him and added some feathered arm bands. Here is almost ready to paint, there's still some green showing through so he'll need a little more priming. The pictures make it a bit hard to see details, but you get the idea.

New Models!

So I finished Magnus the Traitor this weekend, and I'm actually fairly happy with it. He could use some more work, but if he does get it, it won't be for a while.

Also, I picked up the plastic Cygnar battlebox last night. Sadly they didn't have any of the Searforge stuff that I wanted. Good thing I still have plenty to work on :p I did manage to put together the model that sold me on the plastic Cygnar battlebox though. Although I don't care for him in the fluff, I love this model for Stryker.

Part of what I'm currently working on is painting what Searforge I do have. Here's a little update on my progress on my gunbunnies. They need touchup & detailwork in addition to snow on the base, but they're about done.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Minor Protectorate Conversions

Here are a couple minor conversions I did for some PoM models. First we have the KE and KEE Seneschals. I like the idea of the banners but they were too long and unwieldy for play and without the banners the models look too plain. Luckily Jon gave me the idea to just shorten the banners. Once the milliput dries I will sand it smooth, but here's what it looks like for now.

Next is a reclaimer. I got this guy in a big trade and the guy didn't have the right hand with him. He had it lying around somewhere and said that he'd try and get it to me if he ever found it. Rather than wait around I chopped off a extra Daughter's hand that I had lying around, added a crow from the Wracks and voila! Suitably themed for a morbid soul collecting chap like this here Reclaimer.

New models coming soon!

So while I was at Adventurer's Guild on Saturday afternoon, Dave (one of the Menoth players) expressed his interest in starting a Legion army. I mentioned that I had a fair amount of Legion that I wasn't really playing with and such, and thus a deal was brokered. I'm selling him my Legion models and getting a few new things for my collection.

1) Plastic Battlebox for Cygnar - like I need a 3rd faction....right? On the other hand, it nets all the original factions between Micah and I, as well as allowing better demo games than just Cryx vs. Searforge (although Gorten is quite the disgusting little beotch in demo games).

2) Ghordson Basher - for my Searforge army, do I really need to explain this one?
3) Brun & Lug - also for Searforge. These guys can help lessen the focus load on the rhulic casters as well as providing some solid damage output.
4) High Shield Officer & Standard Bearer - adds great options to a good unit.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to my upgraded models that I should be getting this week. I'll be posting my paintjob on pMagnus, and I should really work up that Renegade too. I'll probably be selling/trading those guys off as well at this point. Be on the lookout for more of those short hairy people though.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Painted Pureblood

I spent the afternoon painting up my Pureblood Warpwolf. There are some parts that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but overall I'm quite satisfied with it. Now I have 1 beast and human form Kromac painted and I'm getting pumped for the new Circle releases in November!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet Feathery Pureblood

Here's what I've done with my Pureblood. I lost the shoulder spikes but it's okay because I'm doing a Native American themed Circle army so I decided to just add some feathers to the shoulders tucked under his hood. Here he is ready for priming:

Friday, October 15, 2010


So I know people don't play Cephalyx Drudges as Cryx (at least for the most part), but I got a unit of them at SoCal Smackdown thanks to Iron Arena tickets. Anyways, since I had to paint some living skin (Darragh Wrathe), and it's not something I usually do, I opted to test it out on a Drudge Slave. So here you go:

Two things
1) these guys are great models with a lot of character
2) painter's touch double coverage primer from Home Depot is fantastic, and it only costs 4 bucks. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, it's a pretty simple method for the skin. Lay down a good basecoat of bleached bone (took me 3 layers to get it looking good). Once that's dry, wash it with GW's Ogryn Flesh wash. Highlight it back up with very thin layers of bleached bone. Repeat the wash and highlight stage until you get your desired level of contrast. I only did it twice here.

Hope you enjoy my newest flesh tones. Pretty easy stuff :p

Khador Battlegroup -Finished

Ok so I lied about not working on these until the weekend. I finished them up last night, snapped a few pics and now my PG application is ready. I'll probably go back and replace the sandbags with ones about half as big, but for now I think it looks fine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Khador Battlebox 3

Day 3 of work on my Khador battlebox is complete. Nothing too dramatic, I got both chassis done as well as most of the basing. That leaves finishing up the bases, painting the heads/arms and final touch ups. I won't be able to work on these again until Saturday but I should be able to finish them up in one or two more stretches.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Khador Battlebox 2

Day 2 of working on my Khador battlebox has drawn to a close. I managed to pretty much finish Sorscha. There are some details I'd like to spend more time on but it's close enough for government work and I'm anxious to get the group done. I was also able to get the base coat down on the warjack chassis (I am painting the arms and heads separately). I may not be able to do day 3 until the weekend depending on work stuff but here are the pictures you've been so eagerly awaiting (or skipped ahead to look at and then read this afterward).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Khador Battlebox 1

I'm working on painting up the new Khador plastic battlegroup since 1) Everybody is doing it 2)I'm working on a Press Ganger application. I magnetized both my warjacks in the event that I get the other parts for a marauder/decimator. Here is the primed group shot and my progress on Sorscha after night one. She still needs work on her face, base and miscellaneous details.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

eGoreshade + Blackbane's

My schedule for today emptied itself, so I filled it up with painting. Not that I actually did that much today, but I'll pretend. Anyways, Micah and I got 2 35 pt games in yesterday, and I ran my Blackbane's in one of them. They were mostly done, but bases needed work among a few models that missed the painting queue for the metals. So here's my mostly done Blackbane's.

The most important thing that I learned from painting this unit is that I hate painting over white primer, especially units. I've painted some Legion beasts over white primer and it didn't bother me too much, but I think I'm going to go to a great for the rest of them.

Moving on, I also got eGoreshade to an acceptable level to hit the table as well. There are details that I'd like to go back and pick out, but I got all the large swatches done, and a majority of the details.

So with eGoreshade (aka Goreshade the Cursed), I managed to fix the fleshtones from my last attempt. I'm actually quite happy with how his face turned out, but the severed Precursor Knight heads are a whole other story (i.e. I'm not happy with them, but I really don't want to go over them again right now). I think I'm progressing as a painter due to the quality of robes that I have been able to do recently, in addition to my newly attempted front arc markings. My first attempt was on Darragh's mounted form, and I still think it's the best of all the others that I tried today. Practice makes perfect though. I'm planning on just marking the bases with lines whenever a model is fully painted, until I have the time to go back and do the fade.

C&C is always appreciated.

Micah or I should also be posting a battle report of our 2 recent games sometime this week too. (I'm saying this in order to motivate myself to actually write it up :p).