Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wraithwitch Deneghra Conversion

This is my first real conversion, so I have to admit that it's not entirely my own idea. Heck, it's not even partly my idea. I never liked the eDenny model, so I never really considered buying her when I had other fun casters that I enjoyed playing with... until i saw this post.

I liked his conversion so much that I had to try it myself. After proxying eDenny in 15pt MM this weekend, it motivated me to start putting her together...or cutting her apart, whatever the case may be.

Here are all the pieces, followed by the cutting and splicing. I had a few problems with eDenny's Witch Barbs being very fragile. The middle one broke off, and the other two are close to following. They're a little to thin to pin with paperclips, so I might resort to staples as a pin or just GS'ing them on.

While I aspire to painting like Scrollmaster, I doubt I'll be able to pull that off on this model. As it is, this is definitely going to be one of my better models, so I'll be taking my time on it.


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