Friday, July 3, 2009

Painting Update

In addition to my eDenny conversion, I've got some other painting going on while the pins/GS dries, etc. Pretty much, Micah has inspired me to work harder on getting a fully painted army. To help with that, I bought the Army Painter QuickShade Strongtone to try and dip my MechThralls. I've never tried a dip before, but I figure everything is worth a try. I had to strip my mcthralls with simple green/water before I reprimed and painted them, and found that you can hide mold lines with tons of primer and paint. So after stripping them, I had to file a bunch of things down, plus try to get all the paint out of the details... needless to say, I didn't do a perfect job. On the other hand, I do have a test model. So here are the pics, pre and post dipping.
Basecoated, Predip
Notes on dipping: Read instructions first. I tried painting on the dip, and the worked ok, but it doesn't catch very well in all the grooves (probably due to my not cleaning it well enough). So then I just dipped the whole model in and used a brush to clean it up. Not a big deal till I realized that the brush needs to be cleaned with Turpentine or Mineral Spirits... neither of which I have. Hopefully I haven't ruined one of my better brushes, but only time will tell. So remember to use a crappy brush if you don't have paint thinner to clean this stuff up. I also need to put some matte sealer on this guy cause he's waaay too shiny... the work is never done.

Here's a quick pic of my progress on eDenny. She's all assembled and the joints are GS'ed. Now I just need to prime her and slap on some paint. The question is, prime in white or black? The white might make the ghostly part of her bottom half easier, but armor not as good, etc. I'm leaning towards white at the moment.

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