Friday, July 10, 2009

July Painting Challenge Update: Grissel and Vassal

I finished up Grissel last night and I still had some more energy left so I was going to tackle the heirophant. I missed some areas when I was priming him so I was going to do some touch up with black paint when I realized that my black paint pot was bone dry. So I looked for an equivalent model to paint and found a properly primed Vassal within arm's reach. Not my best work, but hey I got him done in one sitting so I'll take it.The painting vows aren't technically locked in until the 11th so it's not too late to swap out a vassal in place of the heirophant. Also, I decided that since I'm pretty much only playing PoM until Hordes MKII I should probably drop the Mauler in place of a Devout.

So far I have finished 1 Long Rider, Grissel and the Vassal. Left to finish by 11:59 PM July 31st: 2 Long Riders and a Devout. Will I make it in time? Will I ever get more black paint? Only time will tell....the suspense is almost too much to handle.

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