Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Painting Challenge!

I signed myself up for the July Painting Challenge over on the PP Modeling and Painting forums. It's something I've always wanted to do but I never remember at the start of the month and usually let the winds of painting inspiration guide me rather than sticking to a plan or deadlines.

Here is what I have vowed to paint by the end of July:

Long Riders x3

Their state as of 11:00am July 2nd

I went a little easy on myself since it's my first challenge. Also I've done a bit of conversion work on the Long Riders and I don't want to waste all that effort by doing a rushed paint job. Plus I've also got a Warlock in there, and while Grissel's sculpt isn't my favorite, she is a 'lock and so she deserves some extra attention.

I'm trying to punch up the Scottish theme for my Trollbloods and I thought it would be pretty neat to have my Long Riders on highland cattle instead of buffalo. So I added more fur the the face and hindquarters and threw in a couple Balmoral hats while I was at it. I'm not satisfied with the cattle's fur color at this point so I'm going to have to put some work into that. Anyway, here's a picture of my Long Rider when I started on it today, and another after a couple hours work.

I've got to finish the base, paint up the kilt, figure out what I'm going to do with that fur, add more highlights and do all the details (mini keg, amulets etc). I'll be taking a break until monday though but hopefully I'll be able to finish it up early next week and tackle the other 2.

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  1. loving it, looking great so far. can't wait to see it in person