Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rebuilt Deathjack: Part 1

So I mentioned two nights ago that I had gotten the parts in for my Deathjack conversion. After tearing apart my current Deathjack, I threw all those parts into simple green to strip them of the paint.

So I went from this:

to this:

After lots of cutting and pinning, I have all the tusks and horns attached to my slayer head.

I'll be GS'ing gaps on the head tonight, as well as finishing up the two shoulders, which I've also made a start on.

I am still looking for suggestions on what to do for the skulls of hate. At this point, I'm going to attempt to sculpt them, but I'm still unsure as to where I should put them. I'm thinking either dremeling the hands to be free of most of the ornate work/chains on the back, and sculpting skulls there to be held on by chain (using jewelery chain), or to sculpt them as hanging on the back of the shoulderpads, which are already going to be very busy. Ideas?


  1. I think we're working towards something similar. I never liked the Deathjack miniature, so I decided I'd convert a Slayer -

    I've only just started to paint it. I dislike the skulls so much that I haven't added any. Some old Warhammer shield sprues have skulls for adding to the front of the shields. They'd make a good basis for a re-sculpted skull.


  2. lol, yours is the blog that I linked to in my last post about it. I'd seen that pic on deviant art by FStitz before, but after seeing your conversion and Exeter's conversion on the PP forums, I decided that rebuilding the Deathjack had to be my next goal.

    I think I've figured out what to do with the skulls though. Just going to go with the old ones without the spikes, hanging off the front of the shoulders. I actually liked the original skulls after I cut off those stupid spikes.

  3. He's looking great. Nice work. I'm not sold on the skulls still. They look too cliched undead.


  4. eh, that's prolly why I like them then. They'll be one of the last things on though, so I'll be able to test it out and see how it looks with and without them.