Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry, I couldn't resist the ridiculous acronym title. If you knew without even having to think that this post is a work in progress feral warpwolf then congratulations you are one sick puppy. When I first got into HORDES it was a toss up between Trollbloods and Circle Orboros. In the end I chose Trollbloods, but not before picking up the Circle warpack.

Lately I've been feeling satisfied with the size of my smallish Trollblood army and not very motivated to expand it. The release of the warpwolf Stalker got the idea of expanding my Circle army rumbling around in my head and a few weeks later I had an idea for a theme for my Circle. So the madness has begun. I am stripping and rebuilding my warpack and trading some trollblood units I don't see myself fielding for the beginnings of a Circle army.

With that said, here is the start of my new and improved warpack. I trying to enchance the Feral part of the warpwolf since we now have other warpwolf options. So far I sawed the head off and turned it facing forward and sawed the torso in half and repositioned it to get more of a hunkered pose. I chopped the limp right hand to bits and will have it bracing the wolf on a rock or something while it's other hand is raised and ready to slash. Also I was never a big fan of the rat tail so I'm trying to give it a bushy tail more like an actual wolf, we'll see how that goes. I've still got a lot of fur texture to sculpt once I get everything in place, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the basic pose I want the model to have.

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