Saturday, June 12, 2010

Deathjack Rebuild 4: Painted

So I might have stayed up until 2 am last night to get my DJ painted before the breast cancer tournament at my LGS, but I didn't even end up using it. *shrug* themz the breakz. Regardless, I went 2-0 before the other 5 people got tired of it and went home. So yah, about that painted Deathjack... I'm not entirely happy with it, but my crazy self wouldn't let me go any slower on painting it. While it's not my best work, at least it matches how the rest of my jacks have been coming out, so here it is.

Anyways, one of Senobio's (the store owner) friends donated several khador things to be given away as prizes. Lucky for me that I ended up with the most expensive model on the table... BEAST-09!!!

While I love the model, this one model is not enough to get me to start another faction. So now it's off to bartertown to try and get some Cryx or Searforge models for him.


  1. Nice paint job mate - and well done on getting beast 09 he's awesome.

  2. thanks. I've actually already lined up a trade through Bartertown to get a max unit of Revenant Crew, so I'm looking forward to that.