Thursday, June 2, 2011

Minor Painting Update

So I've been pretty busy since KingdomCon. In fact, I've only managed to get in 3 games in the past 6 weeks. I haven't managed too much painting either since I've been working on terrain and a gaming board, etc. Convenient timing I guess since AGR is now closed down. Anyways, I'll grab some pics of the terrain I'm working on and the board at some point as well.

Until then, I've also done some work on my Black Ogrun Boarding Party. Now, seeing the sculpts in the PP gallery, I've never liked them. I think it's just the skin tone, but they look like gorillas to me.

Thanks to Bartertown, I got them on the cheap (can't remember what I traded/paid for them, but it doesn't really matter). Sadly, I got 3 of the same sculpt, so I had to bust out the clippers and green stuff. I didn't do a whole lot because I'm honestly not that comfortable with sculpting, but you just have to try sometimes.

Excuse the crappy pics coming up. My lightbox isn't set up at the moment, and there's really not a lot of room for it at the moment. Anywas, I'm pretty happy with how the new bicep area of these guy's arms came out.

The guy on the left was my test scheme for the skin tone to decide if I liked it. Turns out... I do! So I continued painting and got all the skin tones, pants, and basing painted on them.

Next up, metals. After that, final details, like all the freaking nose and ear rings these guys have. In general, I'm actually kind of excited to play with these guys. Cheap to put on the field, got some decent wounds, and can lay down some damage with the right debuffs. I'm looking at playing them with pGaspy whenever I get tired of Durgen, Gorten, & Ashlynn.

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