Monday, June 20, 2011

Boomhowler & Co. Finished!

Add another one in the bank. 79% painted mercs according to forwardkommander.

I'm really happy with how the skin turned out, and pretty happy with the color choice. The metals are so-so, but *shrug* roh wellz. Overall, definitely like them, plus glad to have them done.

Now I just have one more merc unit (Highshields, if I can't get a trade for them), one Khador unit (Kayazy + UA), and a few jacks & solos to finish up to have a fully painted merc force.


  1. Looks good. These guys can break you at the painting table. I painted them with colorful kilts and I'll never do THAT again. Enjoy the Trollblood tarpit.

  2. lol, seriously. I considered doing more work on the cloth to turn it into that. Pretty quickly decided that was a no go. I've played 3 games with them so far, and they're soooo much fun.