Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Soul Crushing 13th

From time to time I get to thinking that I'm a halfway decent mini painter. Then get put in my place. This time it was a set of models that cut me back down to size...the dreaded black 13th. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on these guys, but even if I had I doubt the result would have been much better. These things are so tiny with so much detail, it's ridiculous. I know people whine about them a lot but some people still manage to give them incredible paint jobs (See Ghool on the PP modeling and Miniatures forum). Anyway, I managed to paint them which is an accomplishment and they taught me a valuable lesson about how much I can improve.

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  1. I followed the link from the IABN in here and I dont think these are as bad as you make them out to be. I am not a pro painter but have won a few awards based on some good advice so make of these tips as you will....

    The gold/yellow colour could be warmed up to tie in more tightly with the warm reddish browns of the mud and weapon stocks with just a little gryphonne sepia or thin vallejo smoke washes (my favorite)this will tie them nicely to the model.

    Also the black leather looks to be highlighted with grey. WHen using this much black and actual grey on the model it s soetimes better to differentiate the colour zones to create a cleaner contrast. Using Coal black (a blue tone) to highlight the actual black would give it a distinctly different look than the grey of the gloves and pants and may make the model read a little cleaner. This coal black could also be used to mix into your blue tabards etc as part of the shadow colour and to tie the whole thing together.
    Just a couple f random thoughts.
    Have fun and keep painting!
    James Craig