Friday, March 4, 2011

Ignition Escalation League

My LGS owner and I are running our very first league. Huzzah! The main goal of the league is to get new players to build their armies up to 35 points, get some more exposure to the game and above all to have a good time. In order to accommodate different budgets we're trying to grow quite slow.

First week, 0 points (one warlock/warcaster and whatever you can spend their points on). Week 0 isn't really balanced or fair so there are no league points earned week 0, it's just for fun and a little starting bonus if you win. From there we go to 10 points (battlebox range) 15, 25 then on to 35. I figure this is a good chance to finish up a lot of Gator painting so here's what I'm thinking

Week 0 (0 points)- Bloody Barnabas and a Bull Snapper (It's all I can do) (-3 points)
Week 1 (10 points)-Add a Wrastler (6 points)
Week 2 (15 points)- Add an Ironback Spitter (14 points)
Week 3 (25 points)- Add a full Gatormen Posse (23 points)
Week 4 (35 points)- Add a Thrullg and Wrongeye and Snapjaw (35 points)

It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but I'm hoping Bloody B can carry the weight. Anyway I plan on updating every week with a shot of my army and how they fared in their battles. And since I rarely read posts without pictures, here's a little something for the effort.

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