Friday, March 11, 2011

Green stuff sculpting!

So in the hopes of at least having an interesting Highborn/Ashlynn army, I'm trying to add a little extra character to some of my models. Privateers get cool pirate ship bases, etc.

Anastasia is another good model ruleswise for Highborn, but I don't really care for the model. A little while ago, I saw a nice little conversion to her that made the model 10x better... maybe more. Anyways, he sculpted a robe/cloak onto her to make her look more skulking and ambushy. So after 3 tries (might have been more if I hadn't run out of GS), I got the following done.

After priming, she looks like this:

So it's not the best sculpting in the world, but I did learn a bit about trying to sculpt cloth.
1) Don't make it really thin unless it's going to be supported everywhere.
2) Larger is better. You'd rather have too much GS mixed up and have to trim off the robe than not have enough.
3) Get some kind of a reference to make the interesting creases and folds. Doing it blind is a recipe for disaster.
4) Finally, make sure you wait for the GS to harden up a bit before you try and shape it too much. I always try and work with it too soon. :p

Also, here's an update on what Holt is looking like.

I've laid in most of the colors for him, and basically finished his skin. I still have to put in the metals, some leathers, and pick out a lot of rivets and details before I'll do all the highlights on his clothing. At least I've got an idea of his color scheme though, which should match up fairly well with Aiyanna as well as the rest of the Highborn army.

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