Monday, March 21, 2011

Alexia & the Risen

With news of an epic Alexia coming out in June, I decided it was high time that I get the original Alexia & Risen. I saw a paintjob on the PP forums at one point, where all the risen were green and ghostly looking. With that in mind, and how little time I want to spend on painting Risen, I decided I'd copy that idea.

So here's my test Risen

The process is simple.
1) Spray in Army Painter Necrotic Flesh
2) Wash with Citadel Thraka Green
3) Heavy Drybrushing with GW Scorpion Green
4) Wash with Citadel Thraka Green
5) Light Drybrush with 50:50 GW Scorpion Green & Skull White.


  1. Going for the Army of the Dead look like in Lord of the Rings? Good idea. I like it.

  2. Not my intention, but I like the reference. I just really liked the speed this paintjob can be done, as well as how it looks. Nice & easy :p