Friday, March 25, 2011

Ametheyst Rose Gun Mages!!!

That's right, I finally finished them. Plus I also took pics of my Mule & Vanguard for my Highborn list. Now I'm down to painting up 4 Nyss Hunters (whenever the arms come in for the last pair), Anastasia diBray, and whatever 3rd jack that I decide to run. Probably a Nomad at this point.

Anyways, on to the pictures! My lighting was a bit off this morning, but I was in a rush. So this is what you get. :p

Amethyst Rose Gun Mages & The DUDE!

With their required Mule attachment

And better pics of the jacks

Overall, I'm pretty happy with most of this stuff. The jacks may need to take another wash over the metals, but I'm holding off just in case I'm just too used to my dark Cryx. The sculpting on the gun mages is okay. I realized that I didn't give anybody a forehead at all, so that's why some of them look off. *shrug* live and learn. Anyways, just a few more models until I have a fully painted 50 pt Merc army.

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