Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since I had posted anything. I have been hard at work these past few weeks. I've painted quite a bit, although I don't have pics of everything yet, partly due to the fact that I stupidly bought satin finish spray to go over my gloss coat rather than a matte finish. Anyways, here are pics of some of my recently painted models. excuse the shininess :p

First up, a min unit of Nyss Hunters (I bought AGR's last blister of them, and apparently they're on backorder from Alliance....damn it all).

Next we have Rhuphert, who I got for my Ashlynn list, but will be great for when I start playing more Mercs. I'm fairly happy with him (aside from the shine) because of the freehand I did on his pipes. It's not amazing, but it's a decent/mediocre attempt at woodgrain.

Next we have the NQ Eiryss! I'm fairly happy with her, although I may go back and rehighlight her cloak up some more. We'll see. I'll probably only play her until I get around to buying epic Eiryss, but who knows.

Lastly, we have Durgen's warcaster attachment, Sir Reinholdt, extra shot extraordinaire

I'm tempted to keep his face shiny, but we'll see.

Anyways, next up on the picture block is the new pDenny sculpt (started painting), a full unit of Cephalyx Drudges (already painted), Cephalyx Overlords (started painting) and my Ashlynn conversion (in process).

Hopefully I'll also get around to doing a post about the 25pt Highlander tourney thingy that Micah ran down in Temecula yesterday.

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