Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ashlynn Update 2

So after Micah mentioned that he got me some W&N brushes for my birthday, I told myself I would wait to start painting Ashlynn up until I could try them out. Sad to say, I couldn't wait to at least start painting her. So this is mostly just laying in the base colors on Ashlynn, along with a wash on the metals. I'm not ecstatic about all my sculpting, but it's mostly passable. Practice makes perfect and all.

So there's what I've got so far. All the offwhite cloth I'm going to highlight up to pure white, her hair will probably need to be redone with the yellow basecoat and highlighted up to almost a white. Silly blonde hair is much harder than black or brown hair. The long purple cloak will be highlighted up to purple, and then of course I have to shade and highlight her face. Anyways, just wanted to show the little progress that I've made.


  1. I believe the correct phrase is, her hair will probably need to be redid. Looks great though, I really like the base in particular.

  2. The base was my favorite part of the sculpting... Probably because it was the easiest :p