Saturday, January 22, 2011

Call in the Camelry

I haven been the proud owner of a full unit of Exemplar Vengers for a while now. I think the Venger horses are some of the best 28mm horses out there, they really capture the fluid grace and strength of horses. So naturally I'm going to embark on a long and exhaustive conversion project to mount my vengers on camels. Yup, here's what I'm starting with 6 Imperial Roman Dromedarii from Warlord Games.

And here's what I accomplished before running out of glue. Not a big surprise, I've been milking the bottle for every last drop for over a month now.

The scale matches up closely enough, (the knight is a bit larger than the roman soldier). I've still got to glue on the shoulder pads and the hilt of the scimitar (which I may scale down a bit) and I might add the lance somewhere. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for more Venger Camel insanity.

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