Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ashlynn Conversion!

Like 99% of all warmachine players, I don't care much for Ashlynn's sculpt. It just looks so plain and awkward. So I ordered a bunch of parts from Privateer's online store.
1) Katherine Laddermore's body
2) Ashlynn's arms
3) Journeyman Warcaster Alt Backpack

I didn't do any in progress shots of this conversion, I just have the assembled/sculpted product, but here's what I did:
1) Cut off Laddermore's shoulderpads/arms. This included cutting up some of the cloak on her left side.
2) Bend Ashlynn's arms to a more natural position. Doing this, the sword arm broke, so I had to pin and sculpt the elbow.
3) Clean up the shoulders and pin the arms to the body
4) Sculpt in the cloak and fill gaps
5) Glue on backpack

Anyways, here's what she looks like now:

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