Friday, May 28, 2010

Itty bitty little jacks & the horseman of the apocalypse

So I've gotten more Searforge done this week. Not a whole lot, but it could be less. I have everything for my Searforge contract assembled, based, primed, and awaiting paint. I also managed to get done the 2 blasters...well, one is done, the other needs washes and detail work. I think I went a little overboard on the Devlan Mud wash on the first one, so I think I'll go lighter on the second when I get around to it later this weekend.

So here they are:

Pre-Wash Blaster

Post-Wash Blaster

I think that they give a better idea of my basing scheme for the army as well, which is a rockyish area just after the snow is starting to melt... at least, that's what I'm going for.

I've also gotten the conversion work done on my very recently purchased Darragh Wrathe. I've seen a lot of conversions where people have extended the rear legs of the mount, and it makes a world of difference. Problem is, it just doesn't look quite right to me when they extend the leg below the ankle. Hence I decided to extend the leg above the ankle, and I'm actually quite happy with how it has turned out so far (aside from my mediocre sculpting skills). Maybe I'm just prejudiced, but I think it looks a little more natural than the other leg extensions that I've seen.

And what Darragh's gesture always makes me think..."Hey, look over there!"

Anyways, C&C is always appreciated.


  1. Hey There

    Looking good so far.

    I just found your blog and have joined it so i can see how these miniatures turn out.

    Im just getting into Warmachine so i don't have a lot of posts yet but feel free to check out my Blog:
    Id be keen to see what you think.



  2. Very cool. I recognize your wardog from the PPforums. It's good stuff. You paint better than me that's for sure ;)

  3. Cheers man but i don't know about that - I cant wait to see how your guys turn out. If your interested Join my Blog i just redisigned it from the ground up and it has a bit more Warmachine stuff on it. I just finished the Wardog so he will be up later tonight as will 2 Warjacks. Hope to see ya there.