Friday, May 14, 2010

I see you down there!

So I've decided to put away painting (but not playing) my Cryx for a little while. I will finish what I've started (Bane Thrall UA), but I'm not going to start anything new with them for a while, even though I did just get my Harrower for painting Brandon's Kromac. So I have several Searforge things on my plate.

1) coming up with a manageable color scheme
2) assembling all of my searforge models
3) converting my spare warmonger into an Ogrun Bokur
4) painting all of my searforge models

Since I want to start with Gorten first, I decided to test my paint scheme on him. The only thing that is required is the dirty/burnt orange armor, everything else is pretty flexible. So far, I think orange armor plating with gray as a secondary color could be the light scheme that I'm looking for. On the other hand, I like how Thor is looking with blue cloth. This is not to say that gray secondary armor plating and blue cloth are mutually exclusive, but I also want to keep the scheme fairly simple, which will be hard with all the details on these rhulic models. There will be brown leather, steel and bronze metal, two armor plate colors, and then the skin and hair color... living models are such a pain. Anyways, on to the pictures.

So here is my first WIP on Gorten.

Thor WIP:

Assembled Searforge so far:

So any C&C on the scheme is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


  1. It looks like your Gorten was forged, literally, like half an hour ago. I love how heavy that scheme makes him look. No useful C&C, sadly, but I can't wait to see your other models in that scheme.

  2. Well, I've taken a bit of a break from painting this week. I'm trying to get enough of my models put together to have a decent 35 pt list to play against Micah (JollyANgus) this weekend, so yah. I have gotten a bit more work done on everything since I last updated though, so I should prolly post what I've done.