Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finally, some progress!

Well, after a long week at work, I managed to not only finish some things that I started last week, but also bring another project from start to finish in about 3 hours of painting. I'm actually quite happy with it.

Anyways, let's start with what you've seen before, but with a few more finishing touches. I realized that I hadn't done Gorten's base, so I did that along with finishing up Thor and his flamethrower of doom. Man, do these dwarves have a lot of detail and such on them... I haven't even gotten to my infantry units yet. Without further ado, here are the dwarves.



Overall, I am very happy with Thor. There are a few places (namely his unshown back) that has some messy metals, but other than that, nothing major that I've noticed. I really like how his flame came out, as well as how the whole color scheme seems to be coming together.

Next up on my Searforge plate is 2 gunbunnies, (gunners, not blasters I think), as well as Herne & Jonne. I pieced together the Rockram and Driller this week before bed somehow too, so expect to see something done with them in the next month or so.

What about that quick project you say? Well, since I'd gotten that Harrower from Brandon for painting his Kromac, I dipped him into a stripping solution, and pieced him back together over the course of the week. Last night, I primed him in black and followed that with my metal spraypaint (so that he will more closely match my Leviathan). This morning, I laid down all the brass colors, did a ton of washes, and made my first meager attempt at OSL. I only really did it off of the gun, but I may go back and try and add more around the furnaces later too.


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