Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The greatest lightbox on earth

Ok so maybe the thread title is a little deceiving but I had a major photography breakthrough last night and it was all thanks to two of the greatest things on earth, the internet and milk. I can't remember where I saw it but someone recommended using an empty plastic milk carton as a light box. Since I had a nearly finished gallon of milk in the fridge at home I thought it would be a good excuse to drink some milk and take some photos.

After I polished off the milk I cut off the top, stuck a piece of white paper inside and pointed a desk lamp over the top of it, like so:

And here are some of the results:

Not too shabby for something made from common household items. The only problem is I can't fit squads or larger models in there. Really anything more than a single medium based mini is a stretch.

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