Friday, April 20, 2012

Fiona is all buffed out!

So Micah sent me a link on painting metals better earlier this week, which turns out is a really awesome walk-through on a really nice looking technique. Anyways, the author also showed what he thinks is a well prepped model. He sands the model with some sand paper and files, and then uses stiff dremel brushes to buff the model up. Since I've had a brush lying around from when I bought my dremel, I figured I'd give it a try with Fiona, since she's one of the other Merc casters that I wanted to try soon. Me being the total idiot, I forgot to take the before picture. Anyways, I'm hopefully going to paint her soon, and I'll let you know whether or not I feel the buffing makes a difference. She does look pretty cool though.

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