Friday, April 6, 2012

Almost fully painted for KingdomCon!

So with just a week left until KingdomCon, I only have to finish painting Snapjaw and a Bull Snapper and paint Wrongeye to be fully painted (aside from reinforcements).

So I finished sealing the Eliminators this morning. I'm not too happy with them because their faces look terrible, but they're freaking tiny! One thing I do like is their bases. I glued half a champagne cork to each base, and then cut it down and ripped out chunks to get the big rocks. Then I glued on some sand, and primed everything. The other thing I like is my new way to do snow. Mix up gloss varnish (I used Liquitex Gloss Medium/Varnish) with some baking soda. If it's got too much varnish in it, it won't look right when it dries, so err on the side of too dry. So I mixed that up and glopped it on.

I also finished up the last 4 Assassins earlier this week, but I did put snow onto all their bases since I was doing that to the Eliminators anways. I also cut off Disco Steve's raised arm and green stuffed something else terrible for a bicep, but at least he's not Disco Steve anymore.

I also finished up Rocinante for Ashlynn's list, and the Mangler and 2nd Nomad for Bart's list. Eventually I'll actually order a new sword for that Nomad from PP, but for now, the green stuffed version works.

Anyways, hopefully I'll be able to do well in the Saturday tourney at KingdomCon and have something to report here.

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