Tuesday, April 24, 2012

epic Magnus super epic base!

So I got eMagnus and my 2nd Renegade off of Bartertown, but eMags didn't come with the epic base that he normally does. However, I do have a plastic Ironclad sitting around waiting to become Gallant, as well as some instant mold.

Voila! Super epic base! My eMagnus isn't on some light warjack, he's standing on top of a heavy warjack that he just wrecked!

So I just filled in a few of the gaps in the base after I took these pics. I'll post pics of him and Fiona after I get them primed.


  1. Quality work on the base. eMagnus is a great sculpt, very Empire Strikes Back!

  2. Thanks! It was actually pretty easy with the instant mold. Made a mold of the heavy warjack, and then 2 hours later, I had that piece attached to the base.