Tuesday, June 23, 2009

35pt Battle - Kreoss vs eGapsy

We had our first 35 point game on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly not too long timewise. Anyways, here's a quick synopsis and such.
Game Summary:
Turn 1: PoM

Micah won the rolloff, so he started the game. He advanced and cast lamentation (stupid making spells expensive...). Other than that, not much happened. Since I was playing eGaspy, I advanced behind my rolling cloud of doom, 3 x 3" clouds to block LOS.

Turn 2: Kreoss advanced enough to get the clouds in his ctl range, and casts purification so that his Redeemer can shoot up my biles before they get too close. He managed to kill off 3 of them. The Monolith Bearer also popped his mini-feat to help out the Zealots, while the priest did the whole no spell targeting thing. That was annoying, so my remaining biles went up and one of them purged on the front line of zealots, giving 4 of 10 corrosion. The DJ then charged in and threw one of the zealots at the priest, but it missed and clipped another zealot instead. Since they couldn't take dmg that turn, none of them died, but 4 were going to at the start of Micah's turn. I was hoping that Micah wouldn't want to spend so much focus on both purification and lamentation again, so I roll out my clouds and advance a little more... oh the poor foolish cryxian.

Turn 3: Kreoss advances and once again casts purification and lamentation and then pops his feat. He also gave the redeemer 3 focus, so the redeemer now has LOS to a KD eGaspy. With the help of the vassal, the redeemer pops off 4 shots, but even with pretty high rolls, they don't do much to a arm 19 caster. Thank Toruk for Gaspy's beefiness. Too bad the zealots and KE's together took out the DJ. Roh well. On my turn, I use a skarlock to cast excarnate (wondering now if it actually can do that) and add a bile to finish off the rest of the zealots. My ripper then stood up and advanced up behind where the zealots were to be able to arc a spell, so it sac'ed its action and waited. Gaspy then moved back out of purification range and arced in a Death Knell to hit Kreoss, bunch of choir boys, reclaimer, and a devout. Not too much dmg to Kreoss or the Devout, but everything else died.

The next two turns consisted of Gaspy Death Knelling and Excarnating to add in BK's who charged Kreoss and finished the game.

Twitch: My thoughts: 35 pts was waaay too much fun. Micah's list could have used some tweaking. He didn't ever use his revenger, and he didn't need 10 KE's. Probably too much casting of purification too. One round would have been good enough I think, then hand out good buffs to the rest of the army. I really enjoy eGaspy, especially at the higher point level. A good lesson to remember is that if your enemy is willing to pay the focus for a few spells one turn to rid you of cover, why wouldn't he the next turn. *shrug* life goes on. Good thing for me that Gaspy was tough enough to take it. I also liked the long range spellcasting of Gaspy to win the game. I didn't ever use his feat, which is a first for me with eGaspy. Lots of holy crap moments in there, along with joyous victories. In all, t'was fun.

Jolly Angus: My thoughts: 35 points is a blast. Since we never played more than 500 points in mk1 or 25 points in mk2 I was a bit intimidated by the prospect of playing our largest game yet. I was worried that things would take too long or my army would seem too unwieldy. Fortunately that was not the case. The game really opens up nicely at 35 without being cumbersome. At 25 points I felt like most of my army was support (choir, vassal, wracks, heirophant, blah blah blah) with no room for more heavy hitters. I definitely have different plans for my next 35 point army and I feel like I learned a lot from this game (aka got my ass handed to me). Some things I learned/realized this game: 1) PoM is better played as an attrition army than an assassination army. I need to focus on decimating my opponent's army more than opening up a hole to their caster. 2) I play reactively, which works decently for Trollbloods but instead of spending all my focus counteracting what my opponent does I need to be setting my own plans into motion. 3) every one of pKreoss' spells is useful and I need to take advantage of PoM's ability to gain dominating amounts of focus so I can cast all those delicious spells. So even though I got omgwtfbbqpwnd I am really excited for our next game to see how I can improve. I expect many more crushing defeats before I get the hang of PoM but I'm hoping once I do it will all be worth it.

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